About Us

Everything Mall is an eCommerce Company where you can buy and do almost anything. We major in the sales of Consumer Electronics, Vehicles and Automobile Spare Parts/Accessories, Apparel, Machinery, Building Material Supplies & Services, Sports & Entertainment, Beauty & Personal Care etc. Also Available are Building Finishing and Furnishing Items all from our Build Now Department.

Our Mission is simply to creatively solve problems and change the way people get access to the goods and services they want and how soon they receive them.


Our Timely Delivery Solution

Our ReceiveToday strategies promise to use our in-house Logistics department to deliver all Eligible Consumer items bought before 12:00 noon daily to customers on the same day, and all Eligible items bought after 12:00 noon is to be expected within 24 hours respectively. This is in line with our vision to achieve the shortest and most convenient delivery time for all products and services purchased from EverythingMall.com

This will solve the problem of Costumers long delivery waiting time to receive the items or services that they paid or sort for and will ensure that Customers are extremely satisfied and happy.


Other Services

AutoMonac (Your Automobile Hub)

Vehicle Purchase: Buy Cars from us at 20% to 30% less compared to the prices from Local Dealers. Find out more by Visiting the AutoMonac Department at https://www.everythingmall.com

Auto Spare Parts: Our AutoMonac Automobile Department’s Mission is to solve the major problem that most African Countries face with not having access to quality Vehicle Spare Parts and also the scarcity of Spare parts for most high end and luxury vehicles. You can count on us to provide you with quality Spare Parts for any car what so ever delivered straight to your doorstep.


EverythingMall BuildNow

Our Build Now department provides instant access to building materials and services from the comfort of your home or building site, from our website or mobile app you can instantly log in and request for any building material or services ranging from Sand, Cement, Iron Rods, Stones, Nails, Etc and get them delivered within 1 to 2 hours. You also get instant access to hire Laborers, Bricklayers, Tilers, Carpenters, Still Benders, Painters etc who stay close to your geographical area all from one amazing Platform. Visit the Build Now Category on www.everythingmall.com for more details.


Everything Mall is launched with some major Categories among its business plan already active, and will be developing and Launching more creative Categories with the intention of solving major problems and making life easier and better for mankind.

You should expect New/Creative Ideas and amazing products and services popping up on the Everything Mall Platform on a regular basis.


Everything Mall! …Your Home For Everything.


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